Pondering…I AM

One of my favorite activities is pondering.

In the mornings, before I get out of bed, I ponder how my day should be organized.  While brushing my teeth, I ponder:  What should I wear? How  should I arrange my waist-length hair? Is that really a zit on my chin?  At my age?  How is my husband feeling today? What is the meaning of I AM? How does a camera shutter work?  Does the cat’s litter box need cleaning? Is the dog ready for his walk?…

Wait!  What?  The meaning of I AM?

Hmmmmnnnnnnnn….and so the pondering, meditating, contemplating, ruminating begins…

From the Biblical standpoint, I AM is the name of God as revealed to Moses:  I Am That I Am.

Who is the God that did the revealing?  How did Moses know it was God’s revelation and not just voices inside his head?

I don’t know.  I wasn’t there,  I don’t know Moses’s experience, and I have no scholarly credentials upon which to base any suppositions of such an event.  However, what Joel Goldsmith says in his Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture, the second paragraph on page 18, resonates loud and clear with me.  Goldsmith says:

“From the moment that Moses realized ‘I AM THAT I AM’ he was master of every situation, a leader of men.  He knew then that life is not a physical experience, but is expressed as states and stages of consciousness and that progress is always from the lowest to the highest, to the realization that I am eternal life.”  [Note:  Italics for emphasis are mine.]

So, according to Goldsmith, Moses realized “I AM THAT I AM.” No body told him. No body told him because God is not an exterior entity or being, corporeal or not, God is “I AM THAT I AM” or, in its short form, “I AM.”

Do this now: 

Say to yourself:  I AM.

Close your eyes, say it again:  I AM.

What do you notice?

Jot it down.

Now, proceed with reading this if you are still so inclined.

The first time I read that phrase, “Moses realized,” I had a profound feeling of release….aaaahhhhhh….as if I’d been holding my breath my whole life to hear the words describing what I’ve always known to be true:  that I AM God.  Wow!  If you’ve just done the above exercise, I am confident that you’ve had a similar experience because each and every one of us, as a Perfect Expression of the Divine, IS God.

So, the meaning of I AM is I am God.

Okay, then! Enough pondering for now…I’m sure there will be more in due course…



  1. Marianne said,

    July 3, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    I greatly enjoy reading Joel Goldsmith. His writing is like a prayer. I get so drawn in and taken up by it. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through Lori DiNardi’s blog. 🙂

    • Margarita said,

      July 3, 2012 at 12:55 pm

      Since Joel Goldsmith says that prayer is remembrance of I AM, and he is constantly reminding us of who we are, yes, his writings ARE prayers! Thanks for visiting, Marianne – I like Lori’s blog and look forward to exploring yours! All the best! M

  2. July 21, 2012 at 8:50 am

    […] A little pondering is being done here […]

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