Welcome to my blog!

I have created this space as a forum to explore and discuss the concepts of Oneness and individual expression of Self.  My comments and insights are grounded in my lifelong experience of spiritual life, as well as the teachings of Eastern philosophies and, more recently, Joel Goldsmith and Mary Baker Eddy.  While I find the language of Eastern philosophers and Mr. Goldsmith more accessible to me, I recognize that Mrs. Eddy’s writings have great value, and I am interested in learning to get past the limitations of language, any language, as a communications tool.

Two of the most important questions we can ask, in my opinion, are “What do you mean?” and “Do you mean……?” because with these queries we begin the process of finding out whether or not we are “hearing” the same message; we set ourselves up as respectful listeners, students, and teachers of all that each one of us as the Perfect Expression of Self has to offer.

We have been participating in, and witnessing, amazing things–especially in the past year. I hope you will all join me in the conversation!

All the best,